3 Great Questions Candidates Should Ask in a Job Interview

Recently I was going through a final lock down call with one of my clients in preparation for a job interview he was going on the next day.

On a call like this, I typically revisit many of the reasons why he was selected for the position and what I believe he should do to prepare himself for success in the meeting. We discussed the main things which include, pay, start date, and how to prepare for behavior based interview questions using the STAR method. Finally, I asked him if he had any questions prepared for them, which he said he did. And then I got curious and asked him what they were...

When he told me the questions he was going to ask, I quickly realized he wasn't going to get much of value from the answers that would help him immediately upon starting the job. He wanted to know about what they do for office events to keep the staff motivated, their tuition reimbursement policy, and what the opportunities are available for advancement. Great questions, especially the last one, but I think he should focus on asking questions that will help get him started on the path of success if he is offered the job.

If you are offered an opportunity to interview with a company, this is your chance to learn about the qualities that companies look highly upon in their team members. Some great questions to ask in an interview include:

1. Describe for me how performance is measured in this role. Understanding how a company measures performance is critical for the candidate to understand what they will be measured by once they start this job and gets them an understanding of the key performance indicators.

2. Tell me what separates your BEST employees from your average employees. Entering a company with the knowledge of what qualities top performers exhibit will give you an advantage. Knowing this when you start a new job will certainly give you an edge in making a great first impression.

3. Walk me through what I will be expected to accomplish in my first 90 days: Beginning with the end in mind is how many successful people approach tasks and getting started in a job successfully is a very important task for a new employee. Understanding the expectations will lead to plans that create results.

Asking the right questions and taking notes on what is said is a critical interviewing skill that should help lead to a better understanding of the expectations in the role, how to set yourself up for success, or on the other hand could help you to see that this position may not be the right fit for you.

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